Witches Cauldron – Beware of Landing in the Witches Cauldron!

How to Play

To play Witches Cauldron only requires bravery in the face of dark caves and slimy frogs. Just jump in and hit spin.

Betting Options

The betting options are adjustable at the bottom of the screen via a push tab with two arrows that raise the value from .01 to 5.00 euros. There are 20 paylines in Witches Cauldron, which means that the maximum bet is 100 euros. The scatter game is quite a lot of fun, and is triggered by a leather-bound spell book symbol which offers seven free spins for three, 15 spins for four, and 30 spins for five landed on a reel. The payout table is available at the bottom of the screen and has detailed instructions and the payouts. Only the highest wins are paid out, and the value of the wild or the scatter symbols is added to wins, which is quite generous. The wild symbol is her faithful (or less?) companion and is worth a whopping 10,000 coins for five on a reel and 20,000 for four. The rest of the symbols are as follows: the potion mixer is worth 4,000 for five; the purple snake is worth 2,000 coins for five; the bone-lined hourglass is worth 500 for five; the googly-eyed purple cake is worth 400 for five; and the fish in the glass container is worth 300 for five landed on a spin. There’s also a bonus round called the Witches Cauldron Bonus Round, which is triggered by the symbol of the witch herself, in which players must actually brew their own potion for wins.
Theme and Special Functions

The theme of Witches Cauldron is fun and myth-inspired, based on the idea of players entering into a witch’s lair and encountering all of her spell-making tricks, her black cat, the trinkets she keeps in her lair, and of course, her cauldron. The designers of this game have created a playful interpretation of the dark arts, complete with cute characters like the black cat, which is the wild – fitting for a ‘wildcat’ – that has an oversized red nose and curly whiskers. Each symbol is designed to be as jovial as it is sinister. The hourglass is lined with bones, the little fishy with large eyes in the glass container has an oversized skull and crossbones symbol on it, and even the numbers and letters have little details like potions and bats with glowing eyes springing out from the dark background. The colour palette is varied and cheerful, despite the premise. Should players enter the scatter round, the black reels will light up with gold light as the number of spins diminishes. There’s a little frog on the top left of the screen that keeps players company as well.

If you’ve ever wanted to see the inside of a witch’s lair, this is for you… all the alchemy, strange critters and cackling that players can handle. Beware of the witch… but also try to land her on the reel because that’s how you win. Ah ha ha ha ha!

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